Coupons Against Hunger Coupon Books Return!

A coupon book for 2022 featuring local restaurants, shops, and services to benefit Dutchess Outreach and support participating businesses and the local economy.

Find out how to get a coupon book, enter a coupon, or purchase a sponsorship or advertisement by visiting the link below. 

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Introducing the Food Equity Drive

In order to continue to meet the increased needs of
our community, to ensure everyone gets fed with
dignity and care, we’re counting on your continued
support as we introduce our FOOD EQUITY DRIVE.

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Dutchess Outreach In Solidarity

Dutchess Outreach exists and was created to help lift people out of poverty by providing food access and emergency relief programs and services. We are also charged to act as an advocate for our clients. The nature of the work that we do demands that we take a stand against racism and oppression and that we speak out when injustice occurs. 

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Meals Served


People Fed




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